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  Mission Statement  


The mission of Kinterbish Jr.  High School is to create a challenging environment that exemplifies high expectations to ensure that every child reach their greatest potential.  Our ultimate mission is to enable the students to be college and career ready with the assistance of the teachers, parents, and community.




1.      We believe in providing a nurturing, safe and secure environment that will enable our children to be successful in their future endeavors regardless of their career choice.

2.      Kinterbish Jr. High School will provide the effective instructional strategies that will ensure that the students maximize every learning opportunity that will enable them to grow in every aspect of their lives.

3.      Kinterbish Jr. High School will continuously build team climate and create opportunities for the community that will impact the lives of our students.

4.      We believe academic excellence begins with self-disciplined students actively engaged in the learning process.


  About The School